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Introducing Department

Department of Chinese Language and Cultural Studies


The gigantic country with 1.3 billion people, China Chinese is the most spoken language in the world. After Korea established diplomatic ties with China in 1992, the inter-mixing between the countries is getting more active every year, and interest in the Chinese language is on the rise. Our school’s Chinese Department provides a systematic and efficient way to learn Chinese and a chance to experience Chinese culture.

Currently, Hanyoung Foreign Language High School offers two Chinese major classes per grade, which is taught by three Korean-Chinese teachers and two native teachers who all do their best. First-year students learn basic Chinese: they take five Chinese classes and two Chinese conversation classes per week. Second-year students acquire in-depth Chinese skills by taking four Chinese reading and translating classes and two Chinese conversation classes per week. Third-year students acquire various Chinese skills by learning the culture and taking listening, reading, translating, and writing classes. Lately, the students from the Chinese Department of HYFLHS have been doing really well in various speaking contests, achieving high marks on the Chinese Ability Test (HSK), and overall making the Chinese Department the superpower among its peers.

Department of German Language and Cultural Studies


Germany is a large country that ranks second in trading. German is the mother language of Germany and Austria, and is used the most in Europe after English. It is used as an official language in Switzerland, Luxemburg and Liechtenstein, and there are quite a few people who use German in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Rumania, Hungary, the United States of America, etc.

We offer 2 classes per grade in the German Department, which are taught by two specialized language teachers and one conversation teacher. First-year students study German for 5 hours per week, which includes two hours of conversation classes. This helps them to brush up on their basic German skills and use German to a certain extent. However, during their second and third years they progressively learn more difficult skills. There is the ZD, a German skills qualifying test. Most German Department students acquire ZD as this is a great help when applying to top-notch universities.

Germany, a country that deeply regrets what Hitler did, has solved a problem that we have been struggling with for so long : unification. Germany, where Medieval and Modern settings are mixed just right, is a very attractive country.

Prepare your wonderful future during the 3 years you’re in the HYFLHS German Department.

Department of French Language and Cultural Studies


France is the biggest country in Western Europe. Its capital city is Paris. French is a global language that is spoken in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, some parts of Luxemburg, and some countries in Latin America and Africa.

In Hanyoung Foreign Language High School, there is one French major class per grade. Currently there are two French teachers and one conversation teacher. In the first year, students study French for 5 hours. During these hours, they learn French culture, reading and grammar, and develop conversation skills by studying with a native speaking teacher for 2 hours a week. You can learn French reading and writing in the second and third years. Good results in the French Ability Test(DELF), and High-Rank French Ability Test(DALF) may help you to get into top-notch universities.

With globalization spreading faster than ever, we need more active interchanges and cooperation with many other countries for our country to grow, especially with European nations that are advanced. The French Department teaches an important language of Europe, French, and is teaching students to take part in the core of future international diplomacy.

The French Department of Hanyoung Foreign Language High School has the French characteristics of freedom and passion. Also, the cozy relations between seniors, juniors and peers is something that we take pride in.

We hope you can prepare for your future while enjoying your studies in the French Department for three years.

Department of Japanese Language and Cultural Studies


Japan is the closest neighbor to Korea. Ever since the co-hosting of the 2002 World Cup and the Korean Wave, Korea and Japan have been exchanging not only language, but also culture. Thus, Japanese, a language spoken by more than 100 million people, has become a key tool to further affect globalization and cultural exchange.

Hanyoung has placed one Japanese class in every grade. We educate our students through a coherent system, teaching them to speak the language as fluently as their native tongue, and understand the muddled history of the two nations, while encouraging them to become more active in the continuous flow of ideas.

Currently there is one devoted Japanese instructor to the single class, along with a native speaker. Freshmen take Japanese for 5 hours a week, with an additional 2 hours of Japanese conversation. Furthermore, during their sophomore and senior years, students will learn comprehensive material that deals with reading and writing. Students show fine progress, which is evident in their JPT tests. Additionally, some students are given government scholarships to receive training in Japan’s most prestigious engineering schools, while others are admitted to excellent colleges. Of course, many students proceed to fine schools in Korea as well. We also exchange students with our sister school, Mu Sa Shi High School, annually.

We hope you enjoy your 3 years with us, taking you one step closer to your dream.

Department of Spanish Language and Cultural Studies


Famed for the dreamy tango, bull fighting, Picasso, the architect Gaudi, and soccer, Spain is where the medieval and the modern coexist, and where the culture and heritage of its different regions are preserved. Also, it is one of the few countries that has the most UNESCO world heritage sites, which make Spain the most prominent place for tourism.

Spanish is spoken in Spain as well as in 20 South American countries; nearly 350 million people around the globe speak Spanish. It is also a language recognized by the UN and is considered a second language in the US. It is also used in the Philippines and in some parts of Africa. Regardless of the fact that it is a widely used language, its importance has grown ever since the rise of emerging markets in South America and free trade with Spain. Under these influences, the language has become pivotal in future exchanges with Spain, the gateway to Europe.

Hanyoung’s Spanish Department will help you to cultivate your potential and obtain fine DELE scores to aid your chances to go to the school of your dreams.

We ask you to enjoy your stay with us, and make your dreams come true.

Department of English Language and Cultural Studies


As the borders on the globe slowly disappear, the English language has become a way to evaluate people’s competence, not only in Korea, but also in other parts of the country. As the demand for English-fluent intellectuals grows, Hanyoung has been training students to become competent and talented members of tomorrow.

Currently there are 2 classes in each grade, which makes up a total of 210 students. These young scholars receive training in listening, reading, writing, and speaking from the best, allowing them to expand their abilities comprehensively. Moreover, our talented students participate in many English Competitions, Speaking Contests, Mock Trial, and receive numerous awards.

Freshmen are taught English 10-A, English 1, and conversation to enhance their fundamental skills in grammar, writing, vocabulary, and common speech. Sophomores take English reading and listening classes to upgrade their abilities to receive the best score on tests. Seniors learn to listen and write well. In addition they take English culture lectures, which provide practical knowledge and comprehension.

Be the best. Be the future.