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Greetings, and welcome to our school

We thank you for your visit and for the great honor you have bestowed upon us.

Hanyoung was founded in 1990, dedicated to the education and success of the leaders of the future, the students of today. Despite our few years and short legacy, Hanyoung is well known for its unmatched schooling, evident by the fact that we have the highest rate of students who get in to well-respected colleges and universities inside and outside of our borders.

Furthermore, many admission officers from prominent schools, such as the Ivy League, visit our school in hopes of finding a group of future intellectuals. Our students study in an environment that provides them with the peace and comfort of mother nature, surrounded by the forest just outside the school windows. We endeavor to train these hopefuls with world-wide knowledge and thought.

For the last 19 years, we have faced many hardships, carried heavy burdens, and endured much frustration, to reach one goal: democratic, moral, and honest leaders of our future. And we plan to do so as long as the school exists. We welcome you once again, and commend you for taking the time to consider being one of our fine leaders of the next generation.

We hope that you find your visit valuable.